Elizabeth Peters - With Her In Ourland

With Her In Ourland por Elizabeth Peters

The 1985-96 season promises to be an exceptional one for Egyptologist Amelia Peabody, her husband Emerson and their 8-year-old son Rameses. The much-coveted burial chamber in Dahshoor is theirs for the digging. Yet there is a great evil in the wind that caresses the hot sands sweeping through the bustling streets and marketplaces of Cairo.


  • Título Del Ebooks: With Her In Ourland
  • Los autores: Elizabeth Peters
  • Editor: Constable &rRbinson lLd
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 14.02.2019
  • Género: Literatura
  • ISBN: 9781845293918
  • El Tamaño De Archivo: 5.20MB
  • Idioma: Español
  • Formato : PDF, EPUB
Elizabeth Peters - With Her In Ourland

Elizabeth Peters - With Her In Ourland

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