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Excerpt from Fifty Years of American ScienceUltima Thule more remote in thought and interest than are Hawaii or even the Philippines to - day.Then, as now, the nation was in the throes Of growing pains, acuter than now, because territorial expansion was more rapid, Texas had recently given its empire - an empire Of barren breadths and bloody bandits, according to the critics - and Florida had lately come to us from Spain, Iowa and Wisconsin had entered the family Of states, and Oregon had become a troublesome territory, and the treaty of guadalupe-hidalgo had just been approved, bringing California and New Mexico (with most Of what is now Ari zona) into our possession - adding the care Of hopeless deserts and the control Of treacherous tribes and an alien population to the duties Of an overworked legislative and administrative government, and preparing the way for the witticism, Mex ico will be forgiven all if she will only take back her lands. In truth, there was danger, painfully manifest thirteen years later, Of disruption through overgrowth of the local interests and provincialisms always straining our theoretic union a danger happily removed forever a quarter century later by the railway and the telegraph, which gave a stronger unity than political faith or governmental doctrine.The progress Of the nation during the half century is be yond parallel. By normal growth and peaceful absorption without foreign conquest the population has trebled, and the national wealth has increased tenfold. The subjugation of natural forces has proceeded at a higher rate, and the exten sion Of knowledge and the diffusion of intelligence have gone forward more rapidly still. This advance, so great as to be grasped by few minds, is the marvel of human history. The world has moved forward as it never did before. Yet fully half Of the progress of the world, during the last fifty years, has been wrought through the unprecedented energy of American enterprise an


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W. J. Mcgee- - Fifty Years Of American Science (classic Reprint)

W. J. Mcgee- - Fifty Years Of American Science (classic Reprint)

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